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Henry Moore Institute

The Space of the Page: Sequence, Continuity & Material (No. 22)

The Space of the Page: Sequence, Continuity & Material (No. 22)

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Written to accompany the exhibition The Space of the Page (25 September 1997 - 4 January 1998, Gallery 4 and Research Library), this issue of Essays on Sculpture looks at how the book and its pages have been realised by artists over the last thirty years as sequence, continuity and material.

With an introduction by John Janssen, and short, illustrated descriptions of each of the 106 book-works in the exhibition, broken down thematically:

The Presence of Landscape

Cloud Study : John Bevis
I prefer the streams of the mountains to the sea : Simon Cutts
The Waterfalls of New Hampshire in Winter : Simon Cutts
three titles, eschenau summer press publications : herman de vries
Canal Game : Ian Hamilton Finlay
canal stripe series 4 : Ian Hamilton Finlay
Alps Horizon : Hamish Fulton
Twilight Horizons : Hamish Fulton
Wildflowers / Fleurs Sauvage : Hamish Fulton
Hamish Fulton
Les Pins : Bernard Lassus
From Around a Lake : Richard Long
River Avon Book : Richard Long
A Walk Past Standing Stones : Richard Long
sessanta verdi naturali : Maurizio Nannucci
up above the wor(l)d / a world guide for aliens : Maurizio Nannucci
Voice : Hans Waanders
Urn (Garden Poem) : Ian Hamilton Finlay
A Cloudless Walk : Richard Long

Material Evidence

Collectors' Guide No.1 Plaster Casts : John Bevis
collection Printemps Été 1990 : (Charles Jourdan)
Patchwork : Pip Culbert
flora incorporata : herman de vries
Four Basic Kinds of Lines and Colour : Sol LeWitt
Geometric Figures and Colour : Sol LeWitt
Photogrids : Sol LeWitt
Impressions : William Linehan (ed.)
Mark's Little Book About Kinder Eggs : Mark Pawson
Die-Cut Plug Wiring Diagram Book : Mark Pawson
Instruments for Outdoor Use : Martin Rogers
Part Rag Plain Flat Green Blotting : Martin Rogers
dreiteilig : Barbara Schmidt-Heins
Daily Papers : Silvie Turner
Snow : Richard Tuttle
Boy Bell's Book of Envelope Interiors : Erica Van Horn
Above Beyond Below : Lawrence Weiner
Eight Works : Lawrence Weiner
Twenty Works : Lawrence Weiner
& OR / & ODER / & O : Lawrence Weiner
Twixt One ( & ) The Other : Lawrence Weiner
A Box Made of Wood : Lawrence Weiner
Andre : Carl Andre
Evidence : Andy Goldsworthy
once around the sun : Kristjan Gudmundsson
( only paper ) : Maurizio Nannucci
Allotment 1 - Stone Field : Richard Long

Extensions of the Body

1 m  1 step : Stanley Brouwn
1 x 1 step  1 x 1 m : Stanley Brouwn
Cut-Outs : Denise Hawrysio
Big Names : Deryck healey
Portraits from Memory : Richard Kostelanetz
Mud Hand Prints : Richard Long
untitled : Christoph Mauler
Too Long : Henrietta van Egten
Stiles & the Pennine Way : Erica Van Horn
Seitensprung : Jan Voss
line by Line / Full Stretch : Nick Rands

For Performance

essai sur le feu : Bernard Aubertin
Devil : James Lee Byars
Irish Harp : Simon Cutts
Immortality and Freedom : Marton Koppany
Reality : Jaroslaw Koslowski
Flux Paper Events : George Maciunas
Bicycle Wheel Theft : Mark Pawson
2500 Blatt 50 x 50 cm : Reiner Ruthenbeck
Night Visit to the National Gallery : Andre Tor
Eight Words from a Reading at Brooklyn College : Richard Tuttle
Wartelist : Jan Voss
words fail me : Susan Hiller

The Object of the Book

anfaenge - theorie, material, form : Ute Brandes, Michael Erlhoff et al.
Claude Monet in His Water Garden : Simon Cutts
Mirroirs : Simon Cutts
wit - white : herman de vries
Cube : Sol LeWitt
4 Skulpturen : Richard Long
a badly bound book : Francois Morellet
sometexts : Maurizio Nannucci
Universum : Maurizio Nannucci
Boat Bottle Book : Childe Roland
Black Bob : Colin Sackett
Under Pressure : Tim Staples
Coin Join : Yoko Terauchi
untitled / (doors) : Jan Voss
Copper Leaves : Shelagh Wakely

Beyond the Page

le premier lac : Marie Bourget
untitled / (invitation card) : Marie Bourget
Painted Boxes : John Bucking
Spiral Binding : Ian Hamilton Finlay
Buchobject : Axel Heibel
two lines : Ian Tyson
Quartet : Ian Tyson
Wind Instruments : Richard Wilson
"TH FI TO IN PH" : James Lee Byars
untitled / (the cube) : James Lee Byars
die ecke the corner le coin / (group catalogue)
Alphabeta Concertina : Ronald King
Distaff : Childe Roland
Terra : Yoko Terauchi
Ebb and Flow : Yoko Terauchi
Triangles & Two Pinwheels : Richard Tuttle
Works & Re-Constructions : Lawrence Weiner
Spheres of Influence : Lawrence Weiner
Acrobats : Ian Hamilton Finlay
Star / Steer : Ian Hamilton Finlay
Corinthian Capital : Ian Hamilton Finlay / Nicholas Sloan
Saint-Just Pyramid : Ian Hamilton Finlay / Nicholas Sloan

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