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The exhibition Undone brought together sculpture by twenty artists working across Europe and North and South America, united by a common aesthetic that lies on the threshold between made and unmade. Constructed by hand from simple materials using everyday techniques, these deceptively complex and finely balanced structures proposed a new direction for sculpture.

The choices made by artists in Undone regarding materials and forms are personal and instinctive. Rather than focusing on the work of each individually, this catalogue takes the unique approach of having artists correspond with each other in order to tease out their shared concerns and uncover opposing convictions. With an introduction by Henry Moore Institute curators Stephen Feeke and Sophie Raikes, and eight artist / artist interviews:

Jim Lambie / Simon Periton
Tim Machin / Franziska Furter
Krysten Cunningham / Claire Barclay
Alexandra Bircken / Michael Dean
Leo Fitzmaurice / Sally Osborn
Neil Gall / Ruth Claxton
Nayland Blake / Tonico Lemos Auad
Des Huges / Mary Redmond

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