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Henry Moore Institute

Gego: Line as Object

Gego: Line as Object

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Gego (born Gertrud Goldschmidt, Hamburg, 1912) immigrated to Caracas, Venezuela from Germany in 1939, immediately after finishing her architectural studies in Stuttgart. For five decades she explored how a line can operate as an object, creating planes, volumes and expansive nets to reflect on perception in a constant process of discovery.

Gego. Line as Object, a collaborative exhibition between Hamburger Kunsthalle, Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, and the Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, set out to place Gego firmly at the centre of discussions on the nature of the object in space, providing an introduction for Gego to new audiences as well as developing scholarship on her important contributions to the field of sculpture studies. This catalogue continues and expands on these aims.

Presented simultaneously in English and German, this publication features an introduction by the three curators Hubertus Gaßner (Director, Hamburger Kunsthalle), Ulrike Groos (Director, Kunstmuseum Stuttgart) and Lisa Le Feuvre (Head of Sculpture Studies, the Henry Moore Institute), as well as a biography compiled by Merle Radtke and Franziska Thiess and the following texts:

No Day Without a Line
Brigitte Kölle (Director of Contemporary Art, Hamburger Kunsthalle)

Growing Lines into Sculpture

Lisa Le Feuvre

‘Line as object to play with’: Gego’s Works on Paper
Petra Roettig (Director of Contemporary Art, Hamburger Kunsthalle)

Gego: Architect of Fluid Space
Eva-Marina Froitzheim (Curator, Kunstmuseum Stuttgart)

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