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Henry Moore Institute

Guide to the Henry Moore Institute Archive

Guide to the Henry Moore Institute Archive

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An introduction and alphabetical guide to the Henry Moore Institute's Archive of Sculptors' Papers, taking in the history of the collection, the archive's collecting policy, and the related library and sculpture collections at the Institute and Leeds Art Gallery.

With an essay by Penelope Curtis (Curator of the Henry Moore Institute), 'Looking around Henry Moore: collecting the history of sculpture in Britain'.

Many, though not all, of the archive collections are accompanied by photographs. The guide includes information on all of the artists whose papers are stored in the archive:

Henry Hugh Armstead
Gilbert Bayes
Quentin Bell
Franta Belsky
Neville Boden
Laurence Bradshaw
Albert Bruce-Joy
Reg Butler
Antonio Canova
Hermon Crawtha
Helen Chadwick
Geoffrey Clarke
Edward Bainbridge Copnall
Stephen Cox
Joseph Cribb
Hubert Dalwood
Grenville Davey
Cathy de Monchaux
Frank Dobson
Joanna Drew
Alfred Drury
The Elgin Marbles
Sir Jacob Epstein
The Festival of Britain, 1951
Ian Hamilton Finlay
The Fisher family of York
Arthur Fleishmann
James Forsyth
Sir George Frampton
George Fullard
John Galiza & Son Ltd, Fine Art Bronze Foundry, London
Henri Gaudier-Brzeska
Alfred Horace Gerrard
Sir Alfred Gilbert
Eric Gill
Ernest Gillick
Count Victor Gleichen, Admiral Prince Victor of Hohenlohe Langeburgh
Andy Goldsworthy
Joseph Gott
The Great Exhibition, London, 1851
Rupert Gunnis
Siobhán Hapaska
Alfred Frank Hardiman
The Hastings family
Dame Barbara Hepworth
Gertrude Hermes
Nathaniel Hitch
The Hitch family
John Hoskin
The International Exhibition, London, 1862
Errol Jackson
Charles Sargeant Jagger
Laurence Josephs
Eric Kennington
Michael Kidner
Peter King
Anthony Joseph Trapnell Kloman
Ghisha Koenig
Bruce Lacey
Sydney Langford Jones
Langlands and Bell
Gilbery Ledward
Leeds Art Gallery
Richard Cockle Lucas
Baron Carlo Marochetti
William Calder Marshall
Mearnard Meadows
Ivan Meštrović
George Meyrick
Henry Moore
David Nash
Paul Neagu
Oscar Nemon
Peter (Laszlo) Peri
Eric Peskett
J. T. Poole
Edward Carter Preston
Françoise Quardon
Charles Quick
Betty Rea
Ivor Roberts-Jones
Ellen Mary Rope
Michael Rosenauer
Michael Sandle
Bernard Schottlander
Clare (Consuelo) Sheridan
George Simonds
Willi Soukop
The Thornycroft family
Albert Toft
Leon Underwood
Vanity Fair magazine
Josefina de Vasconcellos
Paule Vézelay
Auke de Vries
James Sherwood Westmacott
Sir Richard Westmacott
The Westmacott family
Sir Charles Wheeler
John Wilby & Son, Monumental Masons, Leeds
Francis John Williamson
Henry Wood of Bristol
William Frederick Woodington
Bill Woodrow
Thomas Woolner
Austin Wright


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