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Henry Moore Institute

Jiro Takamatsu: The Temperature of Sculpture

Jiro Takamatsu: The Temperature of Sculpture

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Jiro Takamatsu (1936-98) is an artist central to the development of post-war art in Japan. He expanded points into volume, brought sculptural actions into the life of the city, made shadows and perspective tangible, and mined the particular properties of sculptural materials.

Jiro Takamatsu: The Temperature of Sculpture explores his unique contribution to sculpture. It features essays on Takamatsu’s approach to sculpture and his relationship to artists associated with Mono-ha (‘School of Things’).

This catalogue is filled with high quality images representing Takamatsu’s artworks, exhibition history and his collaboration with the experimental artist collective Hi-Red Center.

Takamatsu kept careful notebooks where he reflected on his artworks, and these writings offer important advice on how art can ask questions of perception. This publication includes a selection of writings by the artist that have been newly translated into English, an illustrated biography, and two essays:

The Temperature of Sculpture
Lisa Le Feuvre (Head of Sculpture Studies, Henry Moore Institute)

Blank Space of Slack
Itaru Hirano (The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama)


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Published by Henry Moore Institute, 2017
140 pages
220 x 165mm
95 illustrations (44 colour)
ISBN: 978-1-905462-59-9

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