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Le Corbusier-Savina (No. 32)

Le Corbusier-Savina (No. 32)

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Christopher Green details the working relationship between Le Corbusier and Joseph Savina, a partnership that at first glance seems unlikely.

Furniture craftsman turned sculptor Savina, deeply imbued with local traditions and working on instinct rather than culture or training, seems the antithesis of the uncompromising, abrasive architect Le Corbusier, was was already operating on a global scale; yet Le Corbusier, dialectical in his world-view, enjoyed fostering relationships with his apparent opposites.

Tracking their collaboration from their first meeting in 1936 up until Le Corbusier's death in 1965, Green uncovers a fascinating partnership built on mutual trust and respect between two masters of their fields.

This essay was written to accompany the exhibition Le Corbusier: the sculptural collaboration with Savina (3 February – 29 April 2001, the Upper Sculpture Study Gallery, Leeds Art Gallery).

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