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Henry Moore Institute

Revelation for the Hands

Revelation for the Hands

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About the year 1917 the Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi exhibited a marble carving in a bag with sleeves through which it could be felt, but not seen. He meant it, he said, as a 'revelation for the hands'.

This catalogue accompanied the 1987 exhibition at Leeds City Art Gallery, where visitors were invited to touch the twenty works on show. Selected for their tactile as well as their visual qualities, the collection was comprised almost entirely of works by living British artists.

With photography and texts on each work in the exhibition, and an introduction by Adam White.

Henry Moore, Working model for Mother with Child on Lap, 1985
Peter Randall-Page, Dark at Heart, 1985
Eduardo Paolozzi, Rhino, 1980
Jacob Epstein, Portrait of Deirdre with Arms, 1941
Barry Flanagan, Carving No. 3, 1982
Henry Moore, Working model for Interior Form, 1981
Stephen Cox, The Fiery Kind, 1983
Barbara Hepworth, Configuration: Phira, 1955
Anthony Gormley, Touchstone, 1981
Kier Smith, Funnel and The Final Flourish, 1984
Julian Schwarz, Paravent/Screen, 1982
Henri Gaudier-Brzeska, Horace Brodzky, 1913
Henry Moore, Working model for Oval with Points, 1968-69
Roland Piché, Between Two Landscapes, 1977-79
F. E. McWilliam, Irish Sword/Blarney Stone, 1959
Eric Bainbridge, Pelouche No.2/Face, 1985
John Skelton, Variation on the Willendorf Venus, 1963
Henry Moore, Working model for Reclining Figure: Hand, 1976-78
Reg Butler, Girl, 1956-57

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