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Henry Moore Institute

Sculptors' Papers from the Henry Moore Institute Archive (No. 71)

Sculptors' Papers from the Henry Moore Institute Archive (No. 71)

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The Henry Moore Institute Archive of Sculptors' Papers is a collection that reveals much about how sculptors move from an idea to realisation. The process combines creative thinking within the constraints of reality - and nowhere is this more apparent than in sculpture planned for the public realm.

In 2012 the Institute was invited to develop an exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery, London as part of a continuing programme of displays dedicated to making archives public. Our aim was to open new links between individual collections, and to show the complex lives of sculptures.

After much discussion we decided on six case studies to represent the Institute's Archive. Using artists' personal papers, working notes, sketches, press cuttings and photographic documentation, we traced the journey a sculpture takes from conception to public reception.

This publication features an in-conversation between Lisa Le Feuvre (Head of Sculpture Studies, the Henry Moore Institute), Jon Wood (Research Curator, the Henry Moore Institute) and Nayia Yiakoumaki (Curator, Archive Gallery, Whitechapel Gallery), as well as essays on each of the projects shown in the exhibition:

Jacob Epstein: Sculptures for the British Medical Association Building (1908) and Neal White: 'The Third Campaign' (2004)
Claire Mayoh (Archivist, the Henry Moore Institute)

Alfred Hardiman: 'Earl Haig' Monument (1928-37)
Stephen Heathorn (Professor and Graduate Chair, Department of History, McMaster University, Ontario)

Oscar Nemon: 'Temple of Universal Ethics' (1938)
Jon Wood

Laurence Bradshaw: Karl Marx' Memorial (1956)
Katherine Eustace (independent)

Rose Finn-Kelcey: 'Power For The People' (1972)
Andrée Cooke (independent)

Paul Neagu: 'Starhead' (1986)
Kirstie Gregory (Research Programme Assistant, the Henry Moore Institute)

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