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Henry Moore Institute

Sculpture in Painting

Sculpture in Painting

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This book presents a range of paintings, from Titian to today, in which sculptures make an appearance. Sometimes these sculptures are historic, sometimes modern; sometimes real, sometimes invented. Sometimes they have a straightforward reason for being in the picture; others play a complex game within a narrative.

Exploring the relationship between art in two and three dimensions, Sculpture in Painting is not so much concerned with comparing the two disciplines, but the dialogue between them. Sculpture has a tendency to be seen as solid and enduring, but here it is as fragile as the paint itself.

This catalogue features short essays on each of the works shown in Sculpture in Painting, broken down into three themes to mirror the exhibition’s three galleries: ‘Between Subject and Object’, ‘Between Painting and Sculpture’, and ‘Looking at Sculpture’. With an introduction by Penelope Curtis (Curator of the Henry Moore Institute) and three more wide-ranging essays to introduce the subject:

Sculpture in Painting / Painting in Sculpture (Italy, c. 1485 – c. 1660)
Fabio Barry

Sculpture in Painting: function, time and reflexivity (France, c. 1630 – 1750)
Etienne Jollet

The ‘In’ in Sculpture and Painting (c. 1960)
David Batchelor

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