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Henry Moore Institute

Taking Positions

Taking Positions

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German sculpture of the early 20th century is relatively unknown in Britain. In particular, the little German art of the inter-war period which has been seen here has largely been that which the Third Reich declared 'degenerate'. The few pieces of 'Nazi' sculpture which have been seen relate to monumental projects and are viewed in a predominantly political framework.

Believing that there was a large and important middle ground between the 'degenerate' and the 'Nazi', Penelope Curtis (Curator of the Henry Moore Institute) set out to uncover a more nuanced view of sculpture from this period. The resulting exhibition covered a range of sculptors whose careers flourished during the Third Reich as well as those who effectively made their work in isolation.

This catalogue contains four essays by the curators of the Taking Position, as well as a deeper look at each artist and their works in the exhibition.

Taking Positions
Figurative Sculpture and the Third Reich
Penelope Curtis

A Clean Tradition?
Reflections on German figurative sculpture
Arie Hartog

Conformity in Dissent
Sculptors in the Third Reich
Josephine Gabler

'Modern Sculpture' versus 'The Decoration of Power'
On the perception of German sculpture of the twenties and thirties after 1945
Ursel Berger

Artists' biographies and catalogue of exhibits
Karl Albiker
Hermann Blumenthal
Arno Brecker
Ernesto de Fiori
Ludwig Kasper
Fritz Klimsch
Georg Kolbe
Wilhelm Lehmbruck
Gerhard Marcks
Richard Scheibe

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