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Henry Moore Institute

With Hidden Noise

With Hidden Noise

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With Hidden Noise: Sculpture, Video and Ventriloquism looked at sculpture and video art in terms of ventriloquism and its animating metaphors by presenting a selection of objects, sculptures and videos that are both evocative and illustrative of voice and voice throwing.

This accompanying catalogue examines the one-to-one relationship between object and operator, sculpture and maker, and challenges the commonly held assumption that sculpture is strictly silent art. It looks at the different ways that sculptors have expressed themselves and their ideas through objects and, in turn, at how sculptures have been made to ‘speak’.

With an introduction by Penelope Curtis (Curator of the Henry Moore Institute), texts by curators Stephen Feeke and Jon Wood, and descriptive catalogue entries on all the works in the exhibition.

John Logie Baird and Stooky Bill: Ventriloquism in Early Television
Stephen Feeke

With Hidden Noise: Sculpture, Video and Ventriloquism
John Wood

Marcel Duchamp, 'With Hidden Noise', 1916
Robert Morris, 'Box with the sound of its own making', 1961
Bill Woodrow, 'Songs of Praise', 1983
Tony Oursler, 'Underwater (Blue/Green)', 1996
Juan Muñoz, 'Gracias', 1988
Nam June Paik, 'Buddha 21', 2003
Lucy Gunning, 'Malcolm, Lloyd, Angela, Norman, Jane', 1997
Asta Gröting, 'Convention/ces poupées qui dissent oui', 2001
Imogen Stidworthy, 'Dummy', 1998
Asta Gröting, 'The Inner Voice/Las Vegas', 1999-2000

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